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Summary -- The summary screen provides several different summaries of impressions and clicks.  The "Total impressions you served since joining the exchange" indicates the total number of impressions your site has served for the exchange since the date you joined.  "Your banner impressions on other sites YTD" indicates the number of times your banner(s) has been shown on other members sites since the start of the current year.  "Total Clicks to your site YTD" indicates the total number of times your banner has been clicked since the start of the current year. "Current Credits" indicates the current number of credits available for your banner(s).

Daily Stats --  Shows a summary of your banner(s) exposures by day for the past 30 days.  The Clicks column indicates the number of times someone clicked on your banner and followed through to your site.  The CTR column indicates the click-through rate in percent.

Period (User-defined) -- This option allows you to view statistics by Placement, Report Type, and Date.  Available report types are as follows:

  • Summary For Period -- Shows a summary of impressions and clicks for the selected placement and period.
  • Summary By Day -- Shows a summary of impressions and clicks broken down by day for the selected placement and period.
  • Summary By Banner -- Shows a summary of impressions and clicks broken down by banner for the selected placement and period.
Upload Banners
Use this option to upload your banner(s) that will be shown on other member's sites.  Follow these steps to upload a banner:
  1. Banner Source -- Select the source of your banner.  You can either upload the banner to the exchange server or have it pulled from your server.
  2. Placement -- Select the placement of the banner.
  3. Target URL -- Enter the URL where users should be taken when clicking your banner.
  4. Click Next
  5. If you chose to upload your banner in step 1, Browse and find the image on your local computer then click the upload button.  The banner MUST conform to the Width, Height, and Size standards that are shown.  Once uploaded you should edit the banner to specify additional parameters.
  6. If you chose to pull the banner from your server, enter the fully qualified URL to your banner.  You must include the http:// address.


Edit Banners
As soon as you upload a new banner you must edit the banner to specify additional information.  This includes:
  • Target URL --  Specify the URL where users will be redirected when clicking your banner ad.  This must be the fully qualified URL and MUST include the http:// address.  Virtual URL's will NOT work.
  • Placement --  If the banner exchange supports multiple placements, select the proper placement from the drop-down menu.
Obtaining Ad Code
Once you have uploaded one or more banners, you must obtain the Banner Exchange ad code and place it on your web pages.  Each page in your web site should have a unique identifier.  Follow these steps to place the ad code on your pages:
  1. Select the "Obtain Ad Code" option under "Account Information" from within the member management console.
  2. Enter the number of pages on which you will be placing the ad code.
  3. Select the proper placement.
  4. Also, to have the code emailed to you select Yes for the "Email me the Code" field.
  5. Click the create banner code button.
  6. A series of boxes will appear displaying the ad code for each web page.  Using your mouse, highlight the code in the first box.  You will need to scroll down in order to capture all the code.  The code CANNOT be altered in any way or  you will violate the rules of the exchange. 
  7. Once highlighted, select the Copy command from the Edit menu of your browser or use the shortcut on your keyboard (CTRL-C).
  8. Paste the code into the HTML of your web page.
  9. Repeat steps 5-7 for each of the pages for which you created ad code.
User/Site Information
Use this screen to update your user information that was entered when you joined the banner exchange.
  • User Information  -- Includes important information such as your email address, name, address, etc.
  • Password Information -- Specify the password that will be used for logging into the exchange.
  • Web Site Information -- Specify important information about your web site such as the URL, Title, and description.  Also, select the categories where your banner will be displayed in the exchange. 

    Note, by selecting fewer categories your banner will be shown less frequently and you will likely accumulate excess credits.  You must also select the categories for banners that will be displayed on your site.

    (This is not relevant if you are a member of our Travel exchange at